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Submission of annual accounts to Business Register for companies.

The annual accounts filing usually coincides with the end of a marathon of taxes and fiscal obligations, after the income tax, the second quarter taxes and the corporate tax.

Who has to submit the annual accounts?

All Limited Companies in Spain (SL) are required to submit annual accounts each year. The self-employed do not have to prepare them.

What are the annual accounts?

The annual accounts are accounting documents that every company has to send annually to the Business Register. The information in these documents makes it possible to assess the company’s economic status and financial situation.

With all these public data, any interested party can analyze the activity and situation of the companies, as well as their evolution, by comparing the annual accounts of one year and another. The price to download the annual accounts of a financial year of any company is between 9-20 euros.

The deposit of the annual accounts is not only a legal obligation, the registration of any deed would be blocked if the annual accounts are not up to date, but it is also a sign of transparency, reliability, and seriousness.

What is the deadline to submit the annual accounts to the Business Register?

They can be submitted from July 1 to 30.

Unlike the taxes submitted to the Tax Office, it is not usual for companies that file the annual accounts after July 30 to be penalized.

What documents are sent with the annual accounts?

All of my clients who are required to file annual accounts are small businesses that may choose to file abbreviated annual accounts, which include:

– Balance sheet

– Profit and loss account

– Statement of changes in equity

– Notes to the financial statements

How do you present the annual accounts to the Business Register?

Although it is still possible to deposit on paper in the Business Register of the province where the company has its registered office, logically, I submit all my clients’ annual accounts online.

To do this, it is necessary to have specialized software (in my case, the A3Soc program from the Wolters Kluwer company) compatible with the specific format required by the Business Register. With my digital certificate, I send a ZIP file with all the mandatory documents and the company’s General Meeting certification signed by the administrator or administrators.

Depending on the date they are submitted and the speed of each Business Register, by the end of July at the earliest or during September at the latest, I will receive notifications with the correct registration of the annual accounts.

How much does submitting the annual accounts to the Business Register cost?

The Business Register charges a fee for each annual accounts submission. The amount is approximately 50-60 euros that I pay directly to the Business Register, and I will include it in my next invoice to each client.


Jul 30 2024

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