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Form 200. Corporate Tax.

In the Corporate Tax in Spain (Form 200), companies are taxed on their profit from the previous year.

Who is required to file the Corporate Tax?

Among other legal entities, all Limited Companies must submit Form 200, regardless of the company’s size.

Both companies with many partners and workers and those with only one self-employed partner must submit the Corporate Tax each year.

It is also obligatory to fill it in when the company is inactive, for example, after its business deregistration in the Tax Agency.

The freelancers already pay their taxes through personal income tax (Form 100 – income statement) and do not have to submit the Corporate Tax.

What is the deadline to file the Form 200?

As a general rule, considering that the company’s fiscal year ends on December 31, the filing period for Corporate Tax begins on July 1 and ends on July 25 (*).

The deadline to submit the direct debit payment of the tax is July 20.

How much is paid for Corporate Tax?

As of fiscal year 2023, the tax rate drops to 23% for companies with revenues below one million euros. The rest of the companies will use the general rate of 25% to calculate the amount to be paid.

A tax benefit exists for companies that have started a new activity: the first year with a profit, and the following year, they will only have to pay 15%.

It is not considered a new activity when a self-employed person creates a company to continue carrying out the same activity or when a large part of the partners of another company constitute a new company to carry out the same activity.

The Corporate Tax may have a “to be refunded” result, provided that an amount greater than the full payment (“cuota íntegra”) of the tax has been paid on account in Forms 202.

The same thing can happen if the company has had losses and paid any Form 202. The previous year’s losses may be offset by the benefits of the following years.

How is the Form 200 prepared?

The online presentation is mandatory for all companies. Although you can manually fill in all the data, to prepare the Corporate Tax for my clients I use the A3Soc software from Wolters Kluwers, creating a file that can be imported on the Tax Agency website, thus avoiding possible errors and performing work more efficiently.

(*) When July 25 falls on a Saturday/Sunday, the payment date will be the following Monday.


Jul 25 2024

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