Jose consulting


Tax and accountancy services for freelancers and companies in Spain

If you operate as a freelancer or in a small company, I will generate your income and expense statements to inform you about your business results. My focus is ensuring you fulfil all your compliance and tax obligations while simplifying Spanish regulations and bureaucracy complexities.

I will provide precise accounting information and documentation you can trust for your own use or for any external parties, such as banks, tax authorities, or potential investors.

These are some of the services I offer to my clients:

Bookkeeping and accounts preparation
Preparation of accounting books required by the Spanish Tax Agency: book of received invoices, issued invoices and assets. For companies, complete accounting, bank reconciliation and presentation of the books to the Commercial Registry.

Preparation and filing of quarterly and annual tax returns
– VAT returns: 303, 347, 349, 390 and 360 tax forms.
– IRPF returns: 130, 111, 115, 123, 180, 190 and 193 tax forms.
– Personal income tax: 100, 102 and 151 tax forms.
– Corporate tax: 200 and 202 tax forms.

Preparation and filing of specific tax returns
– Non-resident tax: 210 tax form.
– Foreign assets declaration: 720 tax form.
– Wealth tax returns: 714 tax form.

Registration as a freelancer in Spain
Registration at the Social Security and tax office websites. Support to get your digital certificate, Social Security number or change your home address. 036 and 037 tax forms.

Beckham Law registration for non-residents coming to Spain
Study of your personal situation, prepare the required documents and submit the 149 tax form.

Available for 1 to 1 tax consultations
Contact me to book a 30-60 minutes phone/video meeting consultation