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Direct debit deadline for Income and Wealth tax.

When is the deadline for direct debit of the Income Tax?

Direct debit of the Income Tax return means that the tax submission can be processed any day with this payment option until June 27, but the payment will be charged to the bank account on June 30.

That same deadline also applies to the Wealth Tax.

In the case of the Income Tax, it is allowed:

• Direct debit the full payment on June 30.
• Direct debit the payment of 60% on June 30.
• Direct debit the 40% payment on November 5.

In other words, whether direct debit is requested in two instalments (default option) or if you want to direct debit the entire payment, Form 100 can be submitted with this payment option up to June 27.

What happens if the direct debit of the Income Tax is not paid?

Ensuring you have enough money in the account by June 30 and reporting the correct bank account number is critical. The payment process is done automatically during the night of June 29-30.
It is possible, but unlikely, that the bank notifies the client that the tax could not be paid or that the bank account reported for the direct debit is no longer operational.

If the payment is not finally made on June 30, the taxpayer can expect that in addition to the outstanding debt, they will receive an additional surcharge:

• Executive surcharge of 5%. It is applied if the failed direct debit is paid voluntarily.
• Reduced enforcement fee of 10%. It is used if the direct debit debt is paid after receiving a notice from the Tax Agency.
• 20% enforcement surcharge. It is charged when the direct debit debt and the 10% surcharge are not paid within the period established in the notification from the Tax Agency.
In this case, late-payment interest will also have to be paid.


Jun 27 2024

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